List Of Directors


• Mr. Peeyush Kumar Aggarwal (Non Executive and Non Independent Promoter Director)
• Mr. Manoj Kumar Jain (Non Executive and Independent Director)
• Mr. Sachin Garg (Executive and Managing Director)
• Ms. Madhu Sharma (Non Executive and Independent Director)



Brief Profile of Board Of Directors



Mr. Peeyush Aggarwal (Promoter and Director)

Mr. Peeyush Aggarwal, is a fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has rich experience of over 30 years. A first generation Entrepreneur having a clear business vision and practicing a hands-off approach. He has mastered the art of Mergers & Acquisitions. His business interests today are in the areas of Information Technology; Telecom VAS; Digital Cinema ; Retail ; Broking (Shares, Commodities, Insurance) ; Real Estate ; Construction & Hospitality. In addition, he has had an extensive experience in strategic and feasibility consulting, preparing business plans, conducting due diligence, reviews and business valuation. He has had significant expertise in assisting Indian Companies in financial and management audits. He also has rich and vast experience in the field of Corporate Laws, Finance and Taxation, Project Management etc.


Mr. Manoj Kumar Jain (Director)

Mr. Manoj Kumar Jain aged 48 years, is a graduate and Management Consultant by profession. He has rich experience of over 10 years in NBFCs and is a management consultant. He brings a major strength to the Company in planning its future financial growth.


Mr. Sachin Garg (Managing Director)

Mr. Sachin Garg, aged 34 years, is a fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He hasrich experience of more than 6 years. He has significant expertise in Corporate Laws, Audit, Finance & Taxation, Capital Markets, Project Management etc. He has always demonstrated a certain dynamism and foresight seen in the most pragmatic of professional.


Ms. Madhu Sharma (Director)

Ms. Madhu Sharma, aged 55 years, is a Bachelor of Arts from prestigious University. She has extensive experience of almost 20 Years in various aspects of management, viz., the field of marketing and general administration.